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Fantasy Basketball

Nothing is as exciting as draft day. You've done your research, compiled your files and have lined up your dream team. This year you are sure to capture your fantasy title; you've spent hours pouring over percentages and print-outs and even have been drafting players in your sleep. Even for the most prepared fantasy basketball fan, a few well-intended mistakes can throw a wrench in even well-appointed teams. Before lining up your draft, choose carefully up front, review your plans to make sure you aren't committing one of these team sabotaging mistakes. 


·         Don't rely on veterans to carry your team. In the regular season, skilled veterans are likely to get less play time to prevent the dreaded burn-out by playoffs. Look for skilled players on poorly performing teams, many of these “diamonds in the rough” are overlooked due to their team’s poor stats. Be careful however to not avoid veterans and recruit rookies instead, rookies are often still in their adjustment period and gambling on them often is a losing proposition.

·         Don't rely on your favorite local players. It is hard to not get attached to your local team; however this can severely limit your options and cripple your chances at winning the title. On the other hand, do not avoid a skilled player simply because they are your favorite team's rivalry.

·         Don't put an excessive amount of weight into a single category. Look for skilled players that dominate several areas with their stats. A multitasking player will be your best defense against a lower draft pick, often those that are new to fantasy basketball focus on single categories such as assists or rebounds. Find those players that are versatile and flexible, they will contribute to your team far more than a star player that dominates in one single stat.







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